Opulent Renaissance castle with park and castle pond

3900 Schwarzenau

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    5.271,00 sqm

Unique Potential for Hotel Project # Dreamy Castle Chapel for Weddings # Castle Tavern

Extravagant stucco, impressive vaulted ceilings, elegant sculptures, and the in-house castle chapel give this building its unique charm!

Key Data:

Usable Area: approx. 5,270m²

Land Area: approx. 92,184m²

The castle dates back to the 12th century, has been constantly expanded over the centuries, and acquired its present form in the late 16th century through extensive alterations and new constructions of the current representative Renaissance castle with its two corner towers, the west wing, and the north wing. In the 18th century, the south and east wings were raised by one floor each and parts of the representative rooms were redesigned in the late Baroque style. In 1835, the south and east wings burned down. Subsequently, the east wing was rebuilt in the late-classicist style and the south wing was repaired.

The exterior dimensions of the four wings form an approximately square with side lengths of about 51 m x 53 m and enclose a courtyard with side lengths of about 32 m x 30 m.

In the years 1986-1993, the castle and the adjacent building (castle tavern) were completely renovated. As part of the overall renovation, structural renewals and additional measures, such as the installation of heating, plumbing, and electrical installations, were carried out to give the property a contemporary use. The timber frame and Dippelbaum ceilings were also renewed. The interior of the two towers on the 3rd and 4th floors was not renovated. These are not in good condition, but the roof beams of the towers were renewed. The roof covering was also not renewed. Civil defense rooms were installed in the existing basement of the north wing, including a partial area of the courtyard. These civil defense rooms are no longer in use today.

The west facade is designed as a representative showcase facade and stands out from the other facades. On the courtyard side, the west wing is bordered by a late-classicist annex (around 1835). In the south tower, the castle chapel is located on the first floor, whose high interior extends up to the first floor.

Southwest of the castle building is the annex of the castle tavern. The large interior rooms also have vaults with rich stucco decoration.

A large pond and wooded areas are also part of this imposing property, as well as some former utility buildings and a transformer station.

If you are interested in this unique property, we would be happy to send you a detailed exposé.

The property is conveniently accessible from Vienna by car in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The castle is located in the town center, about a 10-minute walk from the train station. There is a direct train connection to Vienna.   Schools and shopping: In the village, there are shops and services for daily needs (grocery store, bank, post office, etc.), a kindergarten, and an elementary school. Additional shopping opportunities are available in the larger neighboring community about 5 kilometers away. Shopping for upscale needs as well as secondary schools, doctors and hospitals, and public institutions are present in the nearest district towns.   Leisure: Numerous recreational facilities invite you to linger and vacation. Relaxation and recreation are offered by the idyllically located natural swimming pond. It serves as a recreational area throughout the year and is simultaneously a bathing and fishing water, for bathers in summer and from May to October for anglers. Outdoor sports activities are also possible on various courts (tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, etc.). The gem of the community is the magnificent Renaissance castle from the 16th century, surrounded by an idyllic park with a castle pond.

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