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SELLing your Property

You don’t have the time to take care of selling your property? No problem, the 25/7 Premium Service for sellers and landlords offers advice and support from the initial contact to the signing of the contract. We go the extra mile for you and organize the entire sales process: from the acquisition of the property including all relevant documents, state-of-the-art photo and video documentation to the organization of the purchase contract and the handing over of the property.

And the very special 25/7 goodies: after the sale you will receive a souvenir video of your property as a gift. And if you want to sell a property and buy a new one in one go, benefit from our lucrative package offer!


Benefit from our strong network when selling your real estate. Raiffeisen’s regional and international presence gives our customers access to a very wealthy clientele and guarantees rapid sales success.


Are you considering presenting  your property properly  before selling it? Whether renovation, garden beautification or home staging: We can advise you on what makes sense and how these measures can be implemented! Our large pool of partner companies in the fields of architecture, construction, landscaping and home staging will help you.


If requested by the owner, we sell special or sensitive properties to our top-class clients without advertising to the general public. Because all of our services are individually tailored to your needs.

For those clients who would like to see their property advertised widely, we spare no effort and expense when marketing their property. We advertise our real estate offers on all major platforms and use all marketing channels such as video visits, drone recordings, print media, Google and social media, banners and much more.


At the request of our sellers, we screen the financial possibilities of interested parties. By doing this, we ensure that only those customers enter your property who are qualified buyers.

bidding process

Do you want to get the best price for your property? Depending on the property, either the classic property sale or the bidding process is the most suitable option. We will advise you in detail about the respective advantages. Read more.

Our 25/7 reporting service

We also go the extra mile for you when it comes to reporting. We will keep you informed about all sales activities in person or in writing. So you are always up to date.